Sunday, 20 September 2009

The changing of the seasons

Ha, so after much fiddling around I finally worked out how to change the background, I like having a blog a bit more now! It's still not quite how I'd like it but better than before.

Since I last wrote I've not done much by way of creative stuff but I have a good excuse, that I spent two and a half weeks in China... Actually before going I did loads, made new pajamas, altered and refashioned vintage dresses, and ended up with a suitcase full of pretty summer things to wear on hot days. I promised a picture of my finished dress so here's one my brother took at the Summer Palace, absolutely one of the most amazing places I've ever been in my life, it is vast and incredibly beautiful. I'd like to have spent more time wandering aimlessly around, it was somewhat overwhelming.

Anyways, now I'm back in Bristol and amazing as China was, very glad to be home in my flat with my boy and my sewing machine! From September the first I took the Wardobe Refashion pledge, which means I am not going to buy any new clothes (charity shops still allowed) but concentrate on making new ones and customising old ones, only for two months but I might renew it depending on how successful it is! But the seasons are changing so it is goodbye vintage sundresses and hello woolly skirts and tights, today I've hauled out some of my favourite winter skirts which after creeping further and further up my waist (with each cm it expands!) have become unwearable, but I have unpicked the zips and chopped the tops off to make some cute mini-ish skirts that will sit comfortably on my hips, hurrah.

Also today I plan to make lavender cupcakes inspired by Seahorsetamer's amazing photo, and maybe some scones cus it seems like a nice Sundayish thing to do. Recipes to follow.

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