Monday, 27 December 2010

New beginning...

Happy Christmas!

I hope it's been a merry one. It's been a long time since I updated my blog. Oh isn't it always?? Well, yes, but hopefully not for much longer! In the past few months my occasional hobby of vintage dressmaking has turned into a terrible, all consuming, helpless addiction (you know when you're selling most of your 'shop-bought' clothes on ebay, for money to buy fabric, to make homemade ones? Yes that is me...), and alongside my other obsession with seeking out and getting lost in so many wonderful vintage sewing blogs I have decided to step things up a gear and transform this rather absent minded little space into an all-singing, all-dancing REGULARLY updated blog to record my sewing exploits of the year to come.

Oh yes!

I have never been quite sure what the aim of this blog is but I think it's all becoming clear in my mind now! I just have to grasp actually taking some pictures of my finished garments first... To practice this I think I will kick things off with some pictures of some of the projects I have completed in 2010, so hopefully there will be some pretty frequent posts coming up soon to get into the swing of things. Also planned are some features on the blogs that have inspired me. And of course some general posts featuring other lovely finds from across the interweb, inside recipe books and hidden in charity shops....

For now here's some frivolous festive fun while I plan my next post.

Candles from the 1950s1940s and 50s festive greetings

View on Christmas Day

After Christmas dinner

Clean sheets for Christmas!

Back soon, Sarah xxx

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