Saturday, 21 August 2010

KnickKnacks, Cocktails and Jazz...

Gosh, I am sorry for the late-ness of my updating! My ultimate blog goal is 2 entries a week, with things to show of what I have been doing... I made a new dress this week, with SLEEVES, which is jolly exciting as I've never done that before, I shall save that for my second update though because for now there is catching up to do.

Picking up from where I left off, we journeyed off to Cardiff for a weekend of fun, to visit George's mum and see Calvin Johnson play. While we were there we went to Jacob's Antique Market, which is just amazing, three Aladdin's cave like floors packed with beautiful and crazy objects - crockery, furniture, clothes, military things, sci-fi memorabilia, kitchen equipment... I was on a budget so didn't buy anything but my imaginary shopping basket was full of 1960s coffee sets and vintage brooches. I will go back with money for sure! If you're in Cardiff I heartily recommend it, you can easily spend a good half a day there AND they have a little tucked away greasy spoon cafe in the midst of it all. Top banana!

So that was the weekend before last, and then last weekend I finally had my (very) belated birthday party! The theme was 1960s Cocktail Parties and may I just say how impressed I was by the effort everyone went to! All our lovely friends came looking super sharp and with contributions to the bar, and all in all it was super fun! I wore the dress I made in the Spring - a vintage pattern made up in (ebay-ed) liberty print, I always had 60s cocktail parties in mind while making it.

This photo is a bit unrepresentative of what the night was actually like as George and I were just messing around before any guests arrived, sadly that was the only dancing... But we listened to lots of jazz records and drank martinis and whiskey sours, my new favourite drink!

Whiskey Sour:

2 parts bourbon whiskey
1.5 parts lemon juice
1 tsp sugar/sugar syrup

Stir together and serve over ice with a twist.

Oh my they were so good. Steve mixed some lethal Old Fashioned's too, which played a significant role in my overall tipsy-ness. Hee. I want to have another cocktail party now! We are still working our way through the left overs from the bar... I think I'm addicted to super sour cocktails, my most recent discovery is vodka and grapefruit juice (a 'greyhound' apparently), yum o yum. I love classic cocktails... they seems so much classier than the terribly named ones you get today, full of old-fashioned glamour. We bought proper cocktail glasses and I'm getting far too used to sashaying about the kitchen in my pretty dresses drinking cocktails and feeling sophisticated in the most lovely of ways!

As the last two weekends have been busy ones I'm enjoying a nice quiet at-home sort of weekend for this one. While I've been writing this there's been a very dramatic thunderstorm going on and I've been feeling all cosy, sitting with the lamps of, drinking lapsang souchong and listening to Sufjan Stevens getting drowned out by the hammering rain. Lovely! Another post soon as I have my dress and some beautiful 50s blouse patterns to share.

Sarah x

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  1. Great post, that market sounds amazing!! xxx