Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bedtime ramblings

Hullo there. I am nice and cosy writing this. A new computer means that we now have wireless internet, and so I am able to write this tucked up in bed with my laptop on my, err, lap! I like escaping to my bedroom sometimes. Of course I share it with George so it is not completely MY room, but as he has his little music room to escape to it's sort of understood that the bedroom is my little place. We're both kind of protective of our own space.

You know, it's nothing special or anything, but it has nice little corners of my things, and lovely colourful vintage bedding... My favourite times to be here are late afternoon when the sun shines in and the mirror balls sparkle, and before bed, especially on Summer night with the window open and radio four on the radio, just pottering and winding down before sleep. Like now! Eventually I'd like paint it a different colour and to set up a sewing corner, with shelves for all my haberdashery bits and bobs and a wee folding down table thingumy for my sewing machine, and then it really will feel like my room. One day! In the meantime I like coming here just to read or potter.

Continuing with the theme of sewing, I have loads of projects I'm desperate to make and don't know where to start... My new job means OFFICE WEAR (or 'Business Relevent' clothes, according to the dress code, err, what?), I don't know, something about all those years at school being forced to supress any hint of individuality means any sort of strict dress code just really grates on me. I can't stand just being an identikit city office worker, ugh. BUT, my plan is to combat this by making up all my favourite dress patterns in office friendly plain materials.

So far I've made up Simplicty/New Look 6799 in navy blue, using the flared skirt version (pink one above) and it worked out really well, and is totally office friendly with heels and cardi, but still very much ME. I plan to make the straight skirt version in black too. Photos of both to follow!

My office fabric mission did lead to the accidental purchase of some pretty floral fabric though, oops. But it is so rare to find nice fabric these days, it's the one thing I truly hate about dressmaking, I keep finding beautiful patterns which I visualise made up in lovely vintage-esqe florals, but it's so hard to find what I have in mind. So I pounced on this when I saw it...

The fabricland stuff is the creamy-pink one, the bluey-green is from my Mum's scrap bag and just about my favourite fabric EVER, I was delighted to find this quite sizeable piece in among the other odds and ends. You just don't get fabric like that anymore, sigh (not without spending a fortune in Liberty, anyway...) I have been mmming and aahing about what to do with it for months, and I think I might have settled on this quite plain top from the 'One Piece Of Fabric' book I got from the V&A, the fabric is so floaty and pretty I think a plain top will be good as the fabric will speak for itself....

I'm not too keen on the massive lace tie though, I think I might make a plain, medium width blue cotton tie to pick up the blue flowers in the pattern.

Right, too much rambling! (I definitely need to learn to write little and often...) I have been trying to get to bed at a reasonable time each night so I'm at my best for my new job, I find it so hard to give up prescious evening time though. Even though I love bed and sleep, going there on a weeknight just always seems like giving in to getting up for work again. Hey Ho, tis Wednesday tomorrow thus halfway to the lovely weekend.



  1. Hi Sarah-Kate
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog :)
    I like the sound of the sewing projects you're working on. I have a similar problem with buying pretty floral fabrics when I keep telling myself to sew some grown up looking clothes for work! Oh well...
    Happy sewing

  2. Hey there, I really love your blog, that picture of your room looks so pretty I wish I could get mine like that I just don't think I have the imagination.

    If you get chance please check out my blog. Its in it's very early days but I'm holding a little vintage giveaway. If you interested its http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/

    Vikki xx