Saturday, 24 October 2009

I had to make a copy of this photo when I was housesitting for my parents last weekend. It's my mum in the early 70s, and it made me do a massive grin since, well let's see, cat, sewing machine, fairisle jumper, floral fabric, yes it could be me! I think I'm only realising as I'm getting older what a massive influence my mum has had on me, I'm sure she's the person responsible for all my biggest loves and what I'd like to think are some of my talents, I certainly have her to thank for my enthusiasm for cooking, sewing and all things home made! And she's just pretty gosh darn awesome in so many ways. Hurrah for mums!

I still have to post my recipe for rosehip syrup, I will do that this week. At the moment there just isn't enough time to do everything I want to do, I have about five or six sewing projects on the go and loads more I want to start... This week the theme has been sleep and I've been busying myself cutting and planning my patchwork quilt, making pajamas for a friend and attempting to refashion a charity shop dress into a babydoll nightie, but I'm already losing interest in those and fantasising about woolly skirts, checked blouses and pinafores, I need to learn to finish what I start!

Think the patchwork is going to have to be an ongoing project since there are 324 patches to sew....

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